Her (Oscar) Wilde Heart or Keys of Love (Open Doors)

Her Wilde Heart Beats Strong -Second Edition

Coming Soon!


The making of Her (Oscar) Wilde Heart (Beats Strong), second edition of Artemis Skye's debut classic literary piece came about due to her first work being "stolen."

Unfortunately not everyone lays claim to integrity and honesty.

"There is a difference between broken souls and defective ones."

But, "Hope is a rebellion." And if Ari was to believe her own penned words, than follow through would be needed. Armed with hope and an "Unstoppable" spirit, 

this incredible updated edition filled to the brim with so many added features and enhancements was born.

Her Wilde Heart Beats Strong overflows with additions expanded pieces in each sections, as well as numerous color photos by the author and Joseph Stevens Photography.

Then there is the beyond amazing new formatting and interior by Valisa Bernardino.

A special heartfelt thank you goes out to keynote speaker and author of the best selling book "Kindness Matters," John Magee for his 

beautiful foreword.

This book is actually two in one as an additional 50 pages were added as an anthology/journal.

This is your own journal for inspiration, goal setting, dreaming, and doodling with additional words by over 40 different writers,

authors, poets, musicians, and artists; colleagues that I was thrilled to introduce to you.

Ari's beautiful baby is grown and and has developed into a stunning second edition coming soon.

Artemis Skye's biggest desire is that you laugh, smile, tear up, think, contemplate, dream, and grow

with every book she writes for you the reader.


"With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?"-Oscar Wilde


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